Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you to create better learning?  Who ignites your passion for learning?  Who is your learning mentor?  This year’s conference planning is well underway.  We’ve got some “irons in the fire” and hope to be able to announce our keynote speaker shortly. We think our conference agenda will give you that spark of inspiration you way be looking for.  Our curriculum team is busy planning and would welcome your input.  Let us know who you’d like to see – we are always looking for ideas!

We invite you to join us this year at eACH!

Keep an eye on this website for more information about the conference agenda and our plans to engage, encourage and incite your passion for eLearning.  Watch this blog for updates.  And if you’d like to leave a comment, I encourage you to do so below, as we’re always looking for ideas!

July is a great time to visit Toronto, so hold the dates July 7th & 8th.

If you don’t know much about Toronto, attending the conference is a great way to learn more about a city that is welcoming, diverse, multicultural and very livable.  While the term “world-class” may be a bit overused these days, it is very applicable to Toronto, which is Canada’s largest city and is home to a variety of different healthcare organizations, all with learning challenges that are probably similar to yours!