What exactly is a Show and Share?

Show and Share Ticket

Do you remember being in Kindergarten and being so excited to share something with the rest of your class?  So excited, in fact, that you couldn’t keep it to yourself?

Fast forward to your adult years…have you been working on a puzzle you never thought you’d solve and yet you did?  Did you impress your work colleagues by creating an eLearning masterpiece?   Did you learn and apply a new skill?  Did you solve a problem by using your instructional design skills, technology tools, new technologies, or by designing new processes?  Why not share your success with others?

That’s what our “Show and Share” is all about.  It gives you 10 minutes to brag about your accomplishment and share it with people who can truly appreciate the time and effort you put into your project.  It’s your time to shine, to give you an opportunity in the spotlight!

Prizes will be awarded to the People’s Choice and Best in Show.  So get your “ticket” now – submit your innovative project to “Show and Share” before April 21 and join us at the eACH Conference. We are looking forward to hearing from you!