Social Media as Learning Platform


Maxim Fishman, Director of Global Customer Education

Maxim Fishman has worked in all aspects of elearning for over 15 years. He has developed learning solutions and educational strategy for the automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and retail sectors. He is currently the Director of Global Customer Education at the cloud based Point-Of-Sale company: Vend.

Session Description:

In the popular mindset, social media is seen as a means of communicating personal information and subjects of interest to a wider community. However, what if this easy to access media is used to convey learning content in place of more expensive Learning Management Systems. This presentation explores the effectiveness of distributing content via YouTube or other social media broadcasting tool as the best means of meeting the educational requirements of your organization. This approach requires organizational agility, a desire for rapid change, and a solid understanding of the learning requirements of your audience. This session will cover the benefits and risks of thinking outside of the conventional mould.

In this session you will learn:

  • the limitations of a conventional LMS
  • the importance of assessing the learning style of your audience
  • the advantages of social media as knowledge broadcast tool
  • the challenges of using social media
  • the importance of establishing your corporate learning objectives.

Audience Level: