Pavandeep Dhillon

Education Technology Specialist, Program Leader
St. Michael’s Hospital – Li  Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Me
I’ve been working in the field of Ed Tech for 10+ years. I’ve seen the field grow and evolve through my time spent in the corporate, academic and healthcare sectors. The common denominator across them all is that no day is the same as the next.

Outside of work I like photography, traveling, street art, sci-fi, and food.

Committee Role – Curriculum Director
Working with the eACH committee is like working with versions of yourself in alternate realities (translation: people who have the same role as you but at different hospitals). It’s great to share and learn from eACH other.

After finishing my two year stint as Program Director, I’m looking forward to my new role as Curriculum Director.

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