Fun Designs – The Passport to Change


Marie-Pierre Dionne, Learning Development Specialist
Bruyère Continuing Care

Mrs. Dionne began her career and an RN in the acute care setting in the Ottawa region. Mrs. Dionne is bilingual and graduated with a Bachelor in Nursing cum laude. She then specialized in Nursing Informatics and recently completed her Master’s degree in education with a thesis on Clinical informatics.

For most of her career, Mrs. Dionne has focused on perfecting her teaching skills to better accompany her fellow colleagues from different professional background during changing times. Mrs. Dionne is known for her passion for change and lifelong learning.

Session Description:

Long Term Care (LTC) is confronted with a more complex aging population and many operational changes. In addition, LTC homes are consumed by a compliance-driven system that covers elements of education. Furthermore, healthcare workers targeted for this education are hard to reach because of shift work.

In response to these challenges, Bruyère Continuing Care developed an Education Series for LTC homes with the theme “Passport to Learning”. This series is comprised of 10 eLearning modules that learners must complete on a yearly basis. The goal is to increase the quality of care delivered and to ensure continuity of care for residents and their families. The two newest eLearning modules at Bruyère Continuing Care will be presented during the facilitated networking. The modules were put in place to assist staff with residents diagnosed with Dementia and as a refresher on the Good Documentation Principles.

In this session you will learn:

  • Understand the importance of branding and marketing of eLearning,
  • To create eLearning with a gamification portion,
  • The lessons learned from our approach

Audience Level:

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Technology Discussed:

Storyline 2