Five key steps to create an award-winning site using digital storytelling


Nishan Joomun, VP Technology and Development
KnowledgeOne Inc

Nishan Joomun currently serves as a vice president of technology and development at KnowledgeOne. He is in charge of all the IT development strategies and shaping the company’s road map for new solutions, platforms, and tools that will help and support the business growth. Nishan graduated from Cambridge University, and his strength lies both in programming and UX/UI with a special focus in rich Internet applications (RIA) and new media. His works have been honored at the Canadian Digi Awards and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education.

Session Description:

ELearning has long been viewed as click-and-read courses. Often referred as linear and boring page-turners because the information are just dumped with little focus on how the learner can really engage with the content. Designing game-like experiences will transport your learners on a sensory voyage and make eLearning courses more immersive. Such techniques will require them to demonstrate knowledge in order to achieve something which creates immediate motivation to learn

The session will demonstrate how Concordia University has used gamification and storytelling techniques to produce an award-winning site. This case study will go over the steps that the production team has taken to achieve a unique course where the learners were engaged and motivated as they were rewarded by badges that would unveiled chapters of the story. The unique game mechanics, technologies used and implementation process will be shared with the attendees so they can adopt the same approach. Analytics reports will show how performance of the learners increases with the system that was put in place.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 5 steps to integrate storytelling in an online course
  • How to engage your learners with real-time feedback
  • How we have worked with a Ubisoft, one of the leader in the game design, to create a unique experience in elearning
  • How to involve the SMEs in the storyboarding process
  • How to create a good UX that will incorporate storytelling elements learn how to maximize and extend the possibilities of rapid authoring tools like Storyline in gamification

Audience Level:

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

Technologies Discussed:

Responsive design for multi-plaform deliveries – Storyboarding tools and concept map – XAPI and tracking – Adobe Captivate and iSpring – HTML5 and CSS