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Welcome to eACH!

Welcome to eACH! This blog is meant to welcome you to the eLearning Alliance of Canadian Hospitals, more informally known as eACH.  While our conference attendees are primarily from Southern Ontario, we grow every year and welcoming participants well beyond the borders of the Ontario.  We’re hoping to engage you, wherever you live and work, as our passion for good eLearning extends beyond geographical and industry borders.

If you’re reading this, you are probably someone who is interested in learning through technology, just like us.  Perhaps you’re someone who is an experienced eLearning designer looking for new challenges.  Or perhaps you’re new to eLearning and are looking for kindred spirits who have the same interests that you do.  Whatever the case, we’d like to welcome you.

As for the eACH Conference planning team, we’re instructional designers, health professionals, healthcare educators, technology implementers, Learning Management Administrators and others interested in learning through technology.  We wear many hats in our daily work lives and we work in organizations that are part of the healthcare industry.  Healthcare is a sector that is constantly changing, as we are running to keep up with legislation, new technology and health research.  So we too are constantly changing, learning and growing!

Originally eACH was formed about seven years ago for the purpose of purchasing a shared Learning Management System (LMS) for a group of hospitals in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  While the shared LMS didn’t work out, the sharing, learning and expertise did – and the result is that eACH members meet and network regularly to share their work and their challenges.  Since that time, the group realized that other healthcare organizations across the world had many of the same challenges that we were experiencing, along with being part of the unique environment that is healthcare.  So, the idea of a larger conference was born.

The first conference was a success.  People from a larger geographical area than just Toronto attended and had an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and share what they were working on.  Most of us were there because we wanted to know what other organizations were up to, how we could address our eLearning issues and who out there was doing something that they wanted to share with us.

Since then, it’s been about networking, and sharing innovative ideas that others in our larger community are putting into practice.  Each year we see the conference grow and each year we challenge ourselves to extend our reach even further.  We’ve had some amazing conference keynotes, an overwhelming number of innovative “show and share” presenters, and some great opportunities to meet people we would have never had the opportunity to meet without this conference.  Our plan is to continue this success of growth, networking, opportunities for sharing and learning together.