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Who are your eLearning heroes?

By Debra L. Wingfield

I am sure we all have “heroes” who inspire us to be better instructional designers.  Along with David Anderson, Connie Malamed, Cammy Bean, Tom Kuhlman and a host of others, Julie Dirksen  is one of my heroes

Julie’s work motivates me to grow my skills as an instructional designer.  In her book, Design for How People Learn, Julie makes a very straightforward point that learning is complicated.  She provides some great advice about putting the learner first: be the best instructional designer you can be for their sake.    Julie goes on to say that while you can’t create motivation, you can encourage it.   She presents some practical tips on how you can support your learners in very subtle ways.

We’re very excited that Julie is joining us this June in Toronto as our keynote speaker.  Join us this summer at eACH 2017 not only to network with like-minded colleagues, but to meet Julie – one of my eLearning heroes!

Come for the Conference, Stay for the Sights

Every year, I make a point of connecting with at least one person I met through my eLearning work in the past year.   I might have met them in person at a conference, or online.  Either way, I always recommend they attend the eACH Conference.

Sometimes that person “comes from away.” I still encourage them to attend by selling it as a “package”: come for the conference, and make a long weekend of it.

Why stop there? Encourage your guest to submit a presenter proposalMaybe you could present something together!

See you on June 15th and 16th!