Agile Instructional Design…Learnings From Africa and Beyond


Jo-Anne Hecht, Senior Instructional Designer and Performance Consultant
J. H. Consulting

Jo-Anne’s combined experience of a decade in hospitality operations and over a decade in the learning & development field gives her a unique perspective on increasing performance while ensuring organizational efficiencies. Since migrating into learning & development, Jo-Anne has worked with a global hospitality training organization, a leading performance design collective, and a performance enhancement non-profit organization as director of learning & development. Jo-Anne holds an MBA, a master’s certificate in adult training and development, and her CTDP designation

Session Description:

Have you ever thought you were designing to one set of objectives only to find the objectives have changed and you now have 24 hours to shift your instructional design approach…I had the opportunity to work in both Honduras and Tanzania where they occurred. Our original objectives were around developing standard operating procedures for hotel groups…in reality the objectives were around instilling managerial fundamentals to inexperienced hotel owners, managers, and supervisors. This session will focus on how to balance agility and sound instructional design and adult learning principles and methodology (ADDIE) while working within fluid circumstances. Participants will be asked to work through this real-life situation and determine what they would do to keep the balance.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to maintain your instructional design integrity and rigour as objectives and priorities shift in an ever-changing environment.

Audience Level:

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced