Top 10 Illustrator Hacks every eLearning Developer Needs to Know

This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop.  

Learners will need to bring their own laptop with a copy of Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using Creative Cloud to demo on Windows. (We can can accommodate any version from CS3 and above on a PC or MAC).

Workshop Outline:

Are you tired of using boring stock images? Do you want to create your own?  Learn 10 awesome Adobe Illustrator hacks from fellow eLearning designers.  With virtually no experience, you can create dazzling custom images that will transform your courses.


Those dabbling in Illustrator (Novice – Intermediate)

Learning Outcomes:

In this session, you will learn:

  • Mastering the toolbox
  • Working with vector images
  • Working with layers
  • Applying effects
  • Using the pen tool
  • Importing and exporting images
  • Leveraging text as a graphic element
  • Understanding fills and outlines
  • And more

Instructor Biography: 

Sarah Dewar
is a Learning Specialist at the Michael Garron Hospital. She had been developing eLearning for the past 10 years and has a penchant for experimenting with new design techniques. She may also have a small obsession with all things orange, or come in the form of a sheep.


Kataryna Nemethy is an Instructional Designer/eLearning Developer at Baycrest Hospital with a background in medical illustration/animation. She is known to leap at the opportunity to flex her Illustrator muscle. She is also known to overuse semi-colons and brackets, particularly at the end of sentences 😉