Create E-Learning from A-Z With Articulate 360

This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop.  

Each attendee needs to have a PC laptop running Articulate 360 – all apps installed including Storyline, Studio, Peek, and Replay.  A complimentary 30-day trial version of SL360 can be downloaded and installed prior to the course here: SL360

Workshop Outline:

Articulate 360 has everything you need to create e-learning, from initial storyboarding and development through to the final review cycle. Join this 1-day intensive workshop to learn how to use the tools include included in an Articulate 360 subscription, as well as how they each fit into the development cycle. This will be a hands-on workshop which includes many activities, so come with a laptop with Articulate 360 installed. There will be a strong focus on the Storyline 360, Rise, Content Library and Review applications.


Novice and intermediate e-learning developers

Learning Outcomes:

In this session, you will learn:

  • Learn to build an interaction in Storyline 360 (with states and triggers)
  • Learn how to create and share a RISE course directly from your browser
  • Learn how to upload content to Articulate 360 and share for Review
  • Learn how to insert and update templates from Articulate 360 Content Library
  • Learn how to create a simple Peek recording and upload to Articulate 360 for Review

Instructor Biography: 

Nicole Legault

Nicole Legault is a Community Manager for the e-learning software company Articulate. She uses her expertise in instructional design and e-learning development to help members of the E-Learning Heroes Community create awesome and engaging training solutions.